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Publicação Científica em Homeopatia

O nosso querido colega Nelton repassou para nós este trabalho no qual é coautor e coorientador. Segundo o Nelton, a monografia dele é uma continuidade deste trabalho, com algumas alterãções na metodologia.

Pra quem quiser acessá-lo na íntegra, já foi publicado no International Journal of High Dilution Research- IJHDR

Parabéns amigo!

Homeopathic remedies in a semi-intensive alternative systemof broiler production 1Rosane Amalcaburi, 1Luiz Carlos Pinheiro Machado, 1Luciana Aparecida Honorato, 2Nelton Antônio Menezes (1)
Federal University of Santa Catarina, Brazil, (2) EPAGRI, Brazil

ABSTRACT This experiment had the objective of evaluating the influence of homeopathic remedies on the performance and health of broilers in a semi-intensive alternative system of production. Two groups of 90 Cobb strain broilers were randomly allocated, at 21 days of life, to three treatments: Control, Calcarea carbonica 12cH and Calcarea phosphorica 12cH, in a randomized block design in two stages. The medication was administered in the birds’ drinking water with a 5% hydro-alcohol extract solution in 5 drops per bird daily during 28 days, beginning at 22 days of age. Each stage comprised three blocks, totalizing six replications per treatment. Each treatment group consisted of 10 broilers. Birds were weighed at 21 days and weekly thereon, up to slaughter at 49 days. After slaughtering, carcasses, hearts, livers, gizzards and feet were also weighed. Differences among stages in weight gain (Stage 1 = 2,576 ± 38 g; Stage 2 = 2,825 ± 38 g; P<0,0004) 1 =" 3,470" 2 =" 3,348">0.40). The liver and heart, however, weighed significantly more in stage 2 (P<0.01), which may be interpreted as an indicator of greater metabolic activity of these organs coincident with greater weight gain within the same period. When compared to the other two treatments, liver weight proved lower (P<0.05) in the Calcarea carbonica treatment group, as expected and in accordance to reports of the materia medica of this medicine. In conclusion, there was no effect of homeopathy applied for the purpose of growth. Lower liver weights of the Calcarea carbonica-treated birds may be associated to a lower susceptibility to stress. This possibility, however, calls for new studies for verification. Keywords: Homeopathy, Poultry production, Agroecology.

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